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> As far as I can see you are considering some packaging system updates.
> I think it would be a good idea to collect all possible improvements to
> introduce a bunch of them at one.
> up to now I've seen the following:
> - better package compression (7zip?)
> - delta debs
> - auto dependency removement
> now I'd like to add
> - customizable meta packages
> there is already a problem with ubuntu-desktop being removed if the user
> uninstalls only one of the "core" applications like evolution.
> So obviously that metapackage has to be more flexible.
> So why not doing it right from the start and giving the user the ability
> to create his own metapackages.
> Use case:
> John wants to compile something.
> he creates a "i-want-to-compike-something" metapackage and the following
> install operations will be saved as a dependancy of it.
> Now John realizes that compiling sucks and he rather wants to stick to
> binary packages - all he has to do is uninstalling
> "i-want-to-compile-something" and his system will be as clean as before.
> M2k
Hi All,

Generalizing the idea of "customizable meta packages" I would add also "the
possibility for the user to select a set of packages which he likes to have
installed, and those to be written in his /home partition". The idea is that
if the person upgrades to the next version of Ubuntu he should be able to
very easily restore the state of the previous installation. I know that this
can be achieved with a small script with several lines of apt-get, but it is
not always the most user-friendly format.
Perhaps a good idea will be from within synaptic the user to be able to
select some installed packages, mark them and make them a 'group' or
'metapackage'. Then this group to be saved where the user specifies. Later,
this 'group' could be loaded into synaptic and the package manager will
automatically downloa/install the needed packages.

Just an idea.

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