Membership and packaging management questions

Marek Habersack grendel at
Tue Jan 17 18:57:25 GMT 2006

> > the Ubuntu packages at the same time.
> >   Regarding the above, I've got two questions:
> >
> >     - what is the process for a DD to become an Ubuntu uploader
> Packages that are uploaded to Debian will automatically be synchronized.
> If a package needs an Ubuntu specific patch, then you can let one of the
> MOTU do that for you.

Yeah, that's what's happening now. But I just find it a waste of effort
(somebody else's) to have to patch my packages which I maintain for Debian -
just not economic :)

To become a MOTU you need to be an Ubuntu member first, which means
> you'll have to give a sustained and significant contribution to Ubuntu.
> Sending patched to the MOTU is a good way of making such a
> contribution :)

Oh well :)  I guess I thought it'd be easier for a DD, hehe :)

>     - how do I deal with removing from Ubuntu packages that I
> > requested to be removed from Debian?
> I believe these are automatically removed from Ubuntu too, but I'm
> definitely not sure about that. Otherwise you can ask one of the MOTU to
> poke the ftp admin :)

Right. OK, I'll wait and see what happens to the removed ones.

thanks for your answer :)

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