Membership and packaging management questions

Marek Habersack grendel at
Tue Jan 17 18:11:08 GMT 2006

Hello people,

  I've been using Ubuntu on my desktop machines exclusively ever since hoary
and I think it's the highest time for me to relieve the good folks
maintaining my Debian packages for Ubuntu. There's simply no point in
doubling the efforts when I can maintain both the Debian and the Ubuntu
packages at the same time.
  Regarding the above, I've got two questions:

    - what is the process for a DD to become an Ubuntu uploader
    - how do I deal with removing from Ubuntu packages that I requested to
be removed from Debian?

If this is wrong place for me to ask those questions, or they are answered
elsewhere, please point me to the correct location(s) so that I can follow
whatever steps are necessary in order to achieve the above.


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