fedora + mono, any plans for ubuntu?

Quim Gil qgil at desdeamericaconamor.org
Mon Jan 16 08:54:19 GMT 2006

En/na Peter Garrett ha escrit:

> Sadly, human nature being as it is, I suspect the trend will continue to
> be to grab as much as possible.

Don't mix human nature with luxury and consummerism hype. Entire human
societies have been taking just what they needed for ages, and nowadays
most of the human population is doing just the same (but they don't hit
the prime time unless there is blood or a media traveller visiting them).

We are developing free software 'for human beings'. For all of them, not
only for the minority living in (current) consummerist societies.

Some of us came to the free software community because it enforces
economical principles different than the economical principles that
promote consummerism. Some of us come to Ubuntu because we think it can
be a useful tool 'for human beings'. I'm not going to be religious about
the term, but 'ubuntu' is part of the human nature, 'to grab as much as
possible' is not.

Why is this relevant in a devel list? Because as developers we should
keep working on thinking what are the basic needs of a user, and try to
fulfill them just with the sufficient resources - so most humans can
access to them. Solved the basic need, you offer the possibility of
getting more to those feeling like needing more.

Shipping DVDs "instead" cause a lot of trouble just to ease grabbing as
much as possible to a minority (that usually can pick what they want
from the online repositories anyway).

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org
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