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Trent Lloyd lathiat at
Mon Jan 16 05:48:58 GMT 2006

On Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 03:12:35AM +0000, Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Daniel Robitaille wrote:
> > > > can we make a ["flight-mode"] option in GRUB for laptop's
> > > the bluetooth radio is on in my thinkpad regardless of if a driver is
> > > loaded or not.  It has a Fn key combination to turn off the bluetooth.
> For ThinkPads the Fn-F5 combinations toggle wireless power-state and
> Bluetooth virtual plug/unplug at the same time;  but see following comment.
> > my Dell laptop has a Fn key to switch off the Wifi.
> Again, the Fn key should call '/etc/acpi-support/' and kill the
> card that way.  (This power-saving is apparently broken upstream in the
> kernel for current dapper).  It should work otherwise.

I have two dells, for the bluetooth it actually unplugs the USB device,
i.e. i guess it powers it down.

The wireless (ipw2200 here) seems ot have a 'hardware radio switch' that
the driver is aware of, if its off sometimes you'll see info in dmesg
about it when you try to do things.

Fn+F2 does both at the same time.


> You'll need to check what the Dell does for Bluetooth.
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