Airplane option in grub

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Mon Jan 16 02:12:06 GMT 2006

> > My question: can we make an option in GRUB for laptop's which ensures
> > wireless network and bluetooth is not loaded? So it will be safe to
> > start the computer inside an airplane.
> Can we assume that by not loading the appropriate modules, that the
> radios aren't turned on?  I'm fairly sure that the bluetooth radio is on
> in my thinkpad regardless of if a driver is loaded or not.  It has a Fn
> key combination to turn off the bluetooth.  Is it the same for wifi?

my Dell laptop has a Fn key to switch off the Wifi.  I wonder if
that's enough, or the computer still emit  something, but simply
doesn't use it for its networking.

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