fedora + mono, any plans for ubuntu?

John Richard Moser nigelenki at comcast.net
Sun Jan 15 23:09:04 GMT 2006

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Erast Benson wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 17:58 +0100, Sebastien Bacher wrote:
>>Le mardi 10 janvier 2006 à 11:42 -0500, Matthew Nicholson a écrit :
>>>I'm sorry. i meant, to include mono/mono-applications on the default
>>>install. such as beagle, banshee, f-spot, etc. to "include" mono, not
>>>just have it in the repo's. sorry for the confusion.
>>A part of those are to main already, the default installation is an
>>another issue because the place on the CD is quite "expensive"...
> But why not ship DVD ISO instead? It is rapidly becoming very cheap
> these days and almost any PC now have a DVD drive.

Yes, yes, we all got these cable connections that can download a 500MB
CD in 15 minutes instead of in an hour and a half like on DSL so that we
could spend 2 hours downloading a 4.7 gig DVD image.

Stop eating up every little piece of power you can grub at.  Things
don't need to grow to fit the space they have; the space grows to
accomodate what's trying to fit inside it.  There is a cap and the rate
of advancement is less than linearly associated with the rate of use; if
you keep trying to use everything available just because it's there,
you're going to find that everything gets slower, bulkier, and more
difficult to manage.

Look at memory once.  You could run 5 apps in 32 megs of memory, each
one wanted 16 megs, but memory on secondary storage (swap) made it so
you only had to swap around 48 megs of memory.  (ouchies?)  Nowadays you
have 512 megs, each app wants 256 megs, there's 5 of 'em, and you're
swapping around 768 megs.  The apps grew linearly correlated to the
capabilities of the machine; the amount of excess load ALSO grew.

If you need $10, you have $8; if you need $10000, you have $8000;
finding $2 is easier than finding $2000.  Let's avoid the latter
situation and try to shoot for needing $4000 instead of $8000, then
there'll be room to spare.

> We actually thinking about releasing Nexenta OS Alpha 2 in DVD-only ISOs
> since we want to include Sun Java/JRE, Mono, KDE and GNOME on the same
> InstallCD media. Though we not positively sure about that yet..

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