Airplane option in grub

Ulrik Mikaelsson ulrik.mikaelsson at
Sun Jan 15 19:02:47 GMT 2006

Interesting point, I think this is the general policy in aircraft
carriers in Sweden.

For instance, my Sony Ericsson K608i has a built-in MP3-player. It
also features a mode that allows startup in non-transmitting mode to
use the MP3-player without powering on any RF-devices.

I'd say it's a good idea. It may also be used in other radio-free
areas such as hospitals and similar.

It should be fairly simple to implement for anyone familiar with
debian packaging. So Bart, why don't you simply go ahead and create
some packages that defines some cmdline-options and configures grub

Hint: look at /etc/networks/interfaces, and /proc/cmdline. Should be a
good place to start.

Good initiative
/ Ulrik

2006/1/15, Ross Clark <home at>:
>  My experience is that you're okay using a laptop on an aeroplane as long as
> its not on during take-off and landing.
>  Ross
>  Op zo, 15-01-2006 te 15:30 +0100, schreef Bart Vullings (OpsVentus):
>  My question: can we make an option in GRUB for laptop's which ensures
> wireless network and bluetooth is not loaded? So it will be safe to
> start the computer inside an airplane.
>  Is wireless a problem in an aeroplane? I thought some flights even
> provide wireless internet connections during flight.
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