Menus revisited

Bart Vullings (OpsVentus) ubuntu at
Sun Jan 15 14:30:35 GMT 2006

I must say I was supprised by the amount of menu items when updating to 
Breezy. But it looks nice.
The biggest problem, I think, is that there's no help to tell people 
what to find where in the menu's.
I like the new help, but it crashed 3 times when I was just looking 
around a bit. And what did I find: terminal command's! That's not what 
should be in an help! users who seek help should be told how to use the 
GUI. If they can only get help for the terminal THAT WILL frighten them 

Plus, don't change the menu to much. This forces users learning the menu 
over and over, another thing that frighten them away.

So I say:keep the menu the way it is, but start on a disent 
help/documentation where to find what.

With kind regards,
Bart Vullings.

>[1] though, obviously, we don't have exploding file icons with sound effects
>    sampled from real life explosives because that *would* frighten users.
This could be a nice idea to get users attention to important updates or 

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