Thunderbird 1.5

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at
Sat Jan 14 01:59:14 GMT 2006

John Richard Moser a écrit :

>Leaves you wondering how much Gaim 2.0 full will factor in.  Could you
>see Desktop, Web Browser, E-Mail, and Instant Messaging inside 128 megs?

Hardly. I remember running all of them (+ a decent WM) on 32 megs. But I
think everything's possible, so even if it's still hard to fathom, I
believe somebody will do it one day...
! correction, my bro already manages to fill even 256 megs with the
above (but with a little help from WinXP :P )

Sorry, I get a bit playful when I'm hanging around too late.

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