Being nice to testers - mandating debug packages

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Fri Jan 13 19:23:16 GMT 2006

fre, 13 01 2006 kl. 14:10 -0500, skrev Phillip Susi:
> It isn't that I don't think having the debug symbols around isn't a good 
> idea -- it is; I just don't see how testers will use them, except with 
> KDE apps that pop up the nice bug window with the backtrace.  Gnome 
> doesn't do that does it?
> In any case I am not sure just how useful the gui backtrace is, and it 
> certainly doesn't apply to command line apps.  It seems to me that it is 
> more helpful to send the core dump to the developer than just the 
> backtrace, then let him load up the debug symbols with the core dump.
> I just converted a package last night to build a -dbg version so I could 
> debug it.  It didn't take much effort to do and the only down side to 
> having the -dbg package is it uses some more space on the mirrors.

Could you please not top post?

GNOME has bug-buddy which does the same job as KDE does in terms of
providing a graphical interface for filing bugs, the author is extending
to use xmlrpc and maybe liblaunchpad-integration for the coming release.

- David Nielsen

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