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Fri Jan 13 18:44:49 GMT 2006

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Thunderbird 1.5 was just released yesterday.  Besides the handfull of
new features that just came out with it (i.e. the same stuff as in the
beta), I noticed (while running the beta) about 50% less memory usage at
launch time, down to 26M to start instead of 60M.  I ran the beta for a
couple weeks; but no enigmail et al (enigmail is tempermental; official
1.5 version of Enigmail isn't guaranteed to work with Ubuntu packaged
1.5 Thunderbird) and I abandoned it.  Aside from that I had no trouble.

Just a heads up.  With GNOME and Firefox dropping memory usage by
roughly half, it looks like from boot to desktop + Firefox 1.5 +
Thunderbird 1.5 can be done in about 106 megs of RAM, discarding disk
cache, on what will probably be a default Dapper install.

Leaves you wondering how much Gaim 2.0 full will factor in.  Could you
see Desktop, Web Browser, E-Mail, and Instant Messaging inside 128 megs?

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