Being nice to testers - mandating debug packages

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Fri Jan 13 17:03:40 GMT 2006

fre, 13 01 2006 kl. 08:39 -0800, skrev Daniel Robitaille:
> In 1+ years of filling bugs in Ubuntu, I have been asked in a bug
> report to recompile an application, or install a debug package less
> than a handful of times.  I sure hope that you don't report bugs you
> have found simply because you don't have a debug package for it, or
> don't want to spend the time to do one:  report the bug, then come
> back to it later, or maybe someone else will do it in the meantime. 
> Or very more likely  the reason of the bug will be found without the
> need for a debug package or recompilation from the user part.
> Non-reporting bugs you have found is unproductive for the community
> since they will likely go unsolved.

I normally wait a few days hoping someone else will file it or that an
update will fix it, you'll notice I have at least a few bugs on
Evolution and one on Firefox in Malone - the compile definately sets me
off to be completely honest, but I would never let a bug go unreported

I'm in a situation currently where I have a lot of time available to
testing the platform, but I would rather spend time helping to track
down bugs than compile to get the needed information. 

Besides the status quo still causes apt-get to want to remove the debug
enabled packages upon next upgrade - it's simple to reinstall them but
rather bothersome to be frank. At least please consider addressing this

- David Nielsen

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