Support full rebuild from source like Gentoo?

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Fri Jan 13 03:18:27 GMT 2006

> Now, I don't want to run Gentoo, if I have to pick only one or the
> other, I prefer the Debian/Ubuntu way of doing things.  But, Gentoo,
> like FreeBSD, has a major advantage in its integrated system-wide
> source level control.  I WANT that control, but I want it WITHOUT
> giving up Ubuntu's default pre-built binary packages and all the other
> Debian package infrastructure niceties.

Have you looked at rPath' Conary package management system, it's written
entirely in python and is heavily based on distributed revision control.
Conary and the rPath distro provides you with a vanilla setup in terms
of binary packages and you can easily recompile selected packages - even
create your own derived distro using rBuilder so you can get the iso
with the package sets you need.

As one can tell I'm a big Conary fan, I really hope that rPath gets some
traction because it truly does show a lot of potential.

- David Nielsen

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