GnuCash -- G2, 1.8.12, icon?

John Richard Moser nigelenki at
Thu Jan 12 22:29:46 GMT 2006

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The menu icon for GnuCash appears to have vanished!  It was in
accessories, though it should be in office.

Also GnuCash 1.8.12 has been out since October, but Ubuntu still has
1.8.10 in Universe.  GnuCash 2 might make April; it's going to be a full
GTK+2/Gnome2 application and should depend mostly on packages in Main.
It may be feasible to promote GnuCash 2 to Main in Dapper+1 if a
maintainer can be found.

I use GnuCash for managing my business finances; but it's very well
suited for managing your checkbook too.  Unfortunately as much as they
try to make it easy for "the home user," you need to understand basic
accounting ;)
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