Menus revisited

George Farris farrisg at
Thu Jan 12 17:38:44 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 20:17 +0100, Robin Sonefors wrote:
> (maybe slightly off topic, but still not entirely)
> I keep hearing the explanation "they can start it from a terminal, so it
> doesn't need to be in the menu", but at the same time I see you hiding
> the terminal "so that new users don't get frightened". There is a
> problem here: how is the new user going to access functionality he/she
> wants (I don't mean _everything_, but things like window behaviour) if
> he/she can't find a terminal, and can't find what he/she wants in the
> menus?

"They can start it from the terminal", is a complete no go.  There is no
way that new users should ever have to drop into the terminal to change
something.  I love the terminal and it really is great to be able to
help a user by saying "type this in and hit enter", job done, however,
no user is ever going to find a command line solution without a lot of
effort which will turn them off completely.

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