Dropping pre-i686 from the archive

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Thu Jan 12 16:25:47 GMT 2006


On 4:07:19 pm 12/01/2006 MadMan2k <madman2k at gmx.de> wrote:
> to an 64bit system that for a library in the third world to get i686

This is a fair point, however, as people keep saying, it's not just third
worlders and schools that are running <686 CPUs - anyone running a Via C3
processor lacks the full i686 instruction set and that is anyone running a
mini-itx board and probably some others.

This instantly invalidates any arguments about <=586 being so old as not
worth bothering with, surely? These are CPUs/machines that are on sale

I certainly think that anyone suggesting removing 686 support should be
required to provide numbers that show it's actually worth bothering with,
from a performance POV ;)

Chris Jones
  cmsj at tenshu.net

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