Dropping pre-i686 from the archive

Oystein Viggen oysteivi at tihlde.org
Thu Jan 12 10:43:04 GMT 2006

* [Ben Aldrich] 

> Peter Garrett wrote:
>>a P200 MMX 64MB RAM running Breezy with fluxbox quite successfully
> this just proves my point its a 686 machine

Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, a P200 MMX is an i586.  i686
starts at Pentium Pro / Pentium 2.

>   I understand that in 3rd world countries its hard to get "modern" machines
> but a system that is 15 years old isn't necesarily modern but yet still fits
> on the 686 spec.

According to Wikipedia, the Pentium Pro was introduced in November 1995.
I'd say a 10 year old computer will most likely not fit the 686 spec, and a
15 year old computer surely won't.

(again according to Wikipedia, the original Pentium first shipped in March
1993 and the first 486 was introduced in April 1989, so I'd say a system
that is 15 years old will most likely fit the 386 or 486 spec)

> If we really cared about sub 686 machines we wouldn't be running gnome we
> would be running xfce or some other lightweight desktop by default, heck
> you need at lest 256 mb of ram for gnome to feel semi responsive!

OK, so I bought it in mid 2003, but my VIA EPIA M10000 board has a Via C3
CPU, which, in addition to reportedly running some i686 instructions
terribly slowly, isn't quite i686 compatible.

With a 1GHz cpu and 512MB RAM and a Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350, it's still
quite capable of running MythTV on Ubuntu Breezy with the default Gnome
setup and no speed related tweaking.

Just another data point.

ssh -c rot13 otherhost

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