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Sandis Neilands wrote:
> Hello!
>>Here's a list of useless things I've noticed in rc3.d and rc5.d:
>> S20rsync:  rsyncd -- rsync can work over ssh without an rsyncd; we
>>            hardly need that running or attempting to run unless
>>            specifically configured.  It doesn't even start by default
>>            anyway, the script just pokes at defaults and decides you
>>            don't want to start it.
>> S89cron
>> S89anacron
>> S89atd:    Periodic Command schedulers -- THREE?  Please pick one to
>>            use and stick with it.  If we need to use others, we'll turn
>>            them on, we obviously know what we're doing if we know we
>>            need any of these
>>The question of sysklogd and klogd comes to mind as well-- are these
>>different, do we need 2?
> How about cupsys and hplip on machines without printer?

Cups has to be enabled to detect when a printer is added.  If you plug
in a printer without cups running, the machine would ignore it.

> And bunch of laptop services on desktop machines?

If those can be buffed out (pcmcia etc) they should be; I'd imagine hal
could handle all that, it's just extra hardware.

> And lvm/evms?

If you didn't create the disk with lvm/evms, then you're probably smart
enough to turn it on if you set it up later.  Good point.

> I mean if it's not possible to determine if the machine is laptop
> automatically then it should be asked during installation. And
> cupsys/hplip should be started only if the printer is avaible.

don't know about that, see above.

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> Sandis

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