fedora + mono, any plans for ubuntu?

Trent Lloyd lathiat at bur.st
Tue Jan 10 22:59:04 GMT 2006

Sounds to me like your taking a bad experience with beagle and then
throwing that onto all mono apps, thats not really fair.

I know f-spot absolutely rocks and has been rock solid for me :) YMMV.


On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 03:34:28PM -0200, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> On 1/10/06, Matthew Nicholson <sjoeboo at sjoeboo.com> wrote:
> > reading through my mornings blogs/planets/new sites, its all over the
> > place that Fedora has decided (aganst the will of red hat apparently) to
> > include mono in their next release, along with a bunch of the "big" mono
> > applications.
> >
> Hi Matt,
> Have you ever used banshee, f-spot and beagle ? They are all
> interesting projects but the software still lacks stability even
> containing a lot of cool features. I remember all the hype around
> beagle to be the first included as default, requests everywhere but
> the software itself as it's today can't satisfy the users needs (best
> UI radical changes, stability as i said and more), IMHO. I hope
> Fedora's decision don't make the users hate these projects, and help
> them (maybe others too) to reach their goals faster.
> There's no doubt that softwares like OO and FireFox can be unstable in
> a lot of use cases, but in my experience as user and the feedback i
> have from friends is that the current situation is worse when you use
> stuff like beagle. It's changing fast and i hope to see some of mono
> stuff (as default) in dapper+1.
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