Fwd: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

Jeroen van Splunder jeroen-91 at home.nl
Tue Jan 10 16:38:32 GMT 2006

Op ma, 09-01-2006 te 21:26 -0500, schreef Eric Dunbar:
> 2. And, re-arrangeable tabs. What's up with that? Yeah, it's a neat
> gimmick and, perhaps with time I could find a use for them, BUT, BUT,
> BUT how is *that* going to make web browsing easier for a newbie, or
> for the _majority_ of users?
> Tabs are a bizarre paradox in Epiphany. They're going for simplicity
> (purportedly) but they throw in a pretty obscure interface hack that
> is bound to confuse the issue and make browsing the web a more
> frustrating experience for someone learning how to use tabs for the
> very first time (and, every other implementation of tabs in
> non-browser apps (aside from some bizarre moving MS preferences panes
> which drove me bonkers because the tabs kept moving around on me) uses
> _fixed_ tabs).
In the gedit in dapper, you can move the tabs around.

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