xubuntu status and request for help

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 18:11:38 GMT 2006


> i would help as i already told you, i have even some ideas about the
> menu generated from xfce *.desktop files ... should i start a new page
> on the wiki writing down what i purpose?
> or should i patch the deb source and sent you those patches ?
> mainly how can i start to help you ?

If you have coding/packaging related ideas please bring them to the
xubuntu-devel list. Writing them in the wiki is ok too and point us there.

>>So it would be nice to have people volunteering for some of these or
>>just taking the existing xubuntu writers/artist under their wings and
>>introducing them do docteam svn etc.
> i'm not an artist but i think artwork pkges need to be fixed .. maybe
> using as sample the ubuntu-artwork ?
> so mainly what i'm asking you here is to help me to help you :)

Ubuntu artwork was used as a basis for what is now in xubuntu-artwork,
the thing is it does not seem to be done in the same open manner as
ubuntu artwork is. People mostly mail me directly (true for non-artwork
stuff as well) instead of collaborating on irc/wiki/ml with eachother
and the ubuntu doc and artwork teams. This way to most people this looks
like a very inactive front and indeed it is a lot less active than it
would be with if it was more public. This is my fault too, I should be
more pushing sometimes :)


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