openoffice.org2 package unable to print brochures

Matthias Klose doko at
Fri Jan 6 17:29:42 GMT 2006

Frank Swasey schrieb:
> Hello,
>   The openoffice.org2 package is unable to produce brochures because the 
> help text on how to generate a brochure tells you to format the document 
> in portrait mode and then when you print it to go to the printer 
> Properties and change the Orientation property to landscape.
>   The printer-properties-disable patch that is applied during the build 
> process removes the Orientation property from the options.
>   To whom should a complaint be lodged to get that patch removed from 
> the package?  Should I report it to the debian folks, or is this a 
> ubuntu specific patch?

please file a bug report in bugzilla.


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