Gettext depending on libgcj

Mark Syms mark at
Fri Jan 6 10:17:59 GMT 2006

> On 1/6/06, Travis Watkins <alleykat at> wrote:
> > On 1/5/06, Abel Cheung <abelcheung at> wrote:
> > > However, this dependency looks like too cumbersome. gettext java
> > > component is only used for extracting Java l10n strings or writing
> > > java classes, which is not used by any "normal" users IMHO.
> > > Is splitting of java stuff an appropriate thing to do?
> >
> > When is gettext ever used by "normal" users?
> I wrongly assumed part of gettext-base belonged to gettext.
> But still, for those people using gettext (translators, software
> maintainers etc), I rarely encounter anybody who needs to
> deal with java.
> Abel

Oh, I admit that I'm not a "normal" user (whatever the heck that is :)).
I write software commercially and use Ubuntu on my home systems and
like to have a Java dev system around in case I want to check out an
idea when not at work. As such the only reason I have gettext installed
is so that I can create a package of the Sun Java SDK so it's slightly
annoying that in order to do that I ended up installing the GCJ

Having said that, things are not as bad as I first thought. It wasn't
the libgcj that was causing my problem but that gij had come in as well
and it looks like the alternative priority of gij is higher than the Sun
SDK from java-package so I ended up having Java pointing at gij which
was a bit annoying when something tried to access AWT libraries that
aren't supported in classpath. I've removed gij and things are OK now. I
haven't checked the alternatives priorities but on uninstallation it has
reverted to Sun SDK. (Note I would have had the same problem had I only
wanted the Sun Runtime environment which in this case was all I needed
as I was running a third party Java app that used some AWT code).

I'll stop complaining now ;)


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