MOTU Report - issue 11

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Jan 6 07:47:12 GMT 2006

Hello everybody,

This is the eleventh issue of the MOTU report [1], bringing you the
latest news of the MOTU team. We hope you enjoyed the time over
christmas and New Year (either sitting by the fireside or having nice
40°C) and are back bursting of energy, as we are.

We're very pleased to have Raphaël Pinson (raphink) and Patrick Davies
(jpatrick) in our midst - they do very good work and expect they'll be
MOTUs soon to.

December was packed with merges, but we're happy to announce [2] that
there are only a very few left. Just to visualize the combined efforts
of MOTUs, MOTU wannabes and one-time contributors in that respect: we
generated around 3300 Malone mails. In other news, the MOTU School took
off and the excellent transcript [3] of the first lesson is available
for everybody. Lucas Nussbaum (lucas) did some good work on [4], these
pages give a very good overview over the state of package in Ubuntu and


After our last review day in December we were able to improve the
situation of new packages waiting in the REVU queue slightly, but the
list is still quite long. To improve the situation, Stefan Potyra
(sistpoty) stepped up and modified REVU to send mails to the reviewers
mailing list [5]. If you want to be notified about new packages which
you might want to review, just sign up to the list.


We decided to interview some MOTUs and MOTU wannabes and hear their

First of all Andrew Mitchel (ajmitch) - MOTU of the first hour, Debian
Developer, Python/Zope packager and specialist for tricky questions. He
says: "I'd been involved in Debian packaging for about 3 years already,
and heard about Ubuntu - decided to help out and found my way onto irc
(before there was #ubuntu-motu). I like being able to make a difference
& see the distribution mature & develop and it's FUN!. Sometimes I think
that the MOTUs can be a little chaotic, eg they need to spend some more
time reviewing, etc ;-)"

Zak B. Elep (zakame), already involved in Debian, and rocking
contributor in the last months says: "I got involved through Jerome
Gotangco, upon my first time visiting the #ubuntu- channels. Although I
was a bit `left in the dark' at first, the wiki docs and the
ever-helpful MOTUs guided me to the light that was the Universe. ;) The
MOTU world has a deep sense of commitment and community that's quite
unrivalled among the communites (both on- and off-line) that I've
participated. Indeed, I have yet to see such steemed heroes who can get
down and dirty with packaging, and keep a cool head and a clear view of
the days issues (like divergence) at the same time. I hadn't thought
much about the things I don't like, perhaps because I'm enjoying myself
=)) If there is one thing that could be considered a rant, then it would
be at my side, for I just can't seem to keep myself updated and
dist-upgraded with the rest of the crew :P"

Lucas Nussbaum (lucas) just started another call to reorganize the Wiki
[6], give him all the help you can. Tell us what you find cumbersome,
hard to find and we can all improve it together. If you wish to be part
of the Masters of the Universe and rock the Universe with us, start
here: [7]


Have a nice day,
 the MOTU team

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