Package rating by users Re: what is the reason for not making epiphany the default browser?

HC Brugmans hcbrugmans at
Thu Jan 5 16:49:16 GMT 2006

Lea Gris wrote:
> Matt Zimmerman a écrit :
>>That said, we've been shipping Firefox for three releases now, and received
>>a positive response to it.  If you're proposing a change, the burden is on
>>you to justify it, rather than asking "why not?".
> We could have endless debates about what application is better than what
> other application. If we stay at one person needs at a time, there is
> certainly many different or conflicting answers.
> Sure, there should be priorities, since, distro size and time to
> maintain packages matter. So, if the goal is to satisfy a majority of
> users, one man could rely on user rated packages to weight priorities
> and choices.
> Some time ago, I proposed having packages/applications rating à la
> Mandriva where users can rate packages. The rating let show what
> packages are beying introduced, prioritized or dropped for the next release.
> While this was discussed via IRC #ubuntu, This proposition got quite
> positive reactions there.
> Where should that be discussed or redirected, so our wiki or the ubuntu
> web sites could have package rating added and ubuntu maintainers agree
> to account these ratings ?

There is the popularity contest package, popcon. Perhaps this could be 
used for such a vote, but it would _never_ show a win for epiphany 
whatever you do.
Firefox is the default, and it is perfectly adequate as such for most 
people. It is what they are most familiar with and what they would vote 
for if we'd let it hang on popcon votes.
This not because firefox is better, or because I like firefox better, 
but simply by virtue of being the default.


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