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I got sidetracked in a number of my last posts in trying to convince people
that the keyboard shortcut, and clicking the icon were inadequate for new
users.   But, this isn't the point of this thread.  I'm sorry for being so
longwinded, and immovable on those subjects, it was not my intent.

My intent was simply to say, I know a number of people who would benifit
from the default being a single click.   If it turns out that the majority
of users would benifit from this, then we should make it the default
behavior, allowing the minority of users who want it to be different to
change the setting.   I'll be willing to live in the group that must change
the setting if I'm convinced that the majority of users would benifit from
the current behavior.

As it looks now, there are plenty more people subscribed to this list who
would prefer that it stays the way it currently is.  :)  And I swear, this
will be my last post on this thread. (It's the third time I've told myself


On 1/5/06, Shot - Piotr Szotkowski <shot at> wrote:
> Hello.
> Lukas Sabota:
> > Everyone can easily figure out how to select the text.
> > But why not stay consistant with other operating systems?
> Because consistency *within* an operating system (other text inputs'
> behaviour) and sane functionality of the system's clipboard is more
> important.
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