Firefox URL Bar

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Thu Jan 5 13:27:32 GMT 2006

Lukas, et al.:

It seems to me a few things are going on...

1. There are a handful of users who seem to be adament that it's Their
Way or the Highway(tm) (at the risk of sounding flippant ;-).
Seriously, I only really see two or three voices trying to inflict
inconsistent GUI design as a default onto FireFox.

2. There are _already_ (and have been for many versions) ways to
select the _whole_ URL with a single click (either to drag the URL to
the desktop/another app or to select it for deletion/overtyping of a
whole new URL).

3. On Mac both Firefox and Camino position the text pointer in the URL
with a single click, as does Safari. The only other browser on my
system, the OBSOLETE Internet Explorer 5.2.3, does do the annoying
single click-selects-URL (of course, it's now basically five years
old, except for a few "security" patches), and, now that I think about
it, I really appreciated Camino in that it didn't do the single-click
selects URL (I've always been able to select the whole URL with
command-L (ctrl-L) or by clicking on the mini-icon).


On 1/5/06, Lukas Sabota <punkrockguy318 at> wrote:
> That's not the point I was trying to make.  Everyone can easily figure
> out how to select the text.  But why not stay consistant with other
> operating systems?  Firefox of mac and windows single click to select
> the URLbar and so does IE.  It's more productive, because that's what
> your doing most of the time.  This isn't about people understand the
> program, Firefox is a simple program that I recommend to
> computer-illiterates.

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