Recent discussion of Red Hat ISO's...

Kevin Cole kjcole at
Wed Jan 4 20:01:21 GMT 2006

I did some asking around in the Red Hat world for the official word...

Ed Wilts, a Red Hat Ambassador wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 01:52:05PM -0500, Martin C. Messer of Red Hat wrote:

>> All the source packages are available on We do not make
>> ISOs available to the general public. We give away our bits, but not all
>> the handy packaging.

The Enterprise ISOs are available to everybody with a valid subscription
at  That includes both binary and source ISOs.

There's nothing in the GPL that says that Red Hat has to make the binary
ISOs available to non-customers.

Fedora ISOs - both binary and source - are freely available.

The problem comes from the following:

>>>> >>Register to RHN and download isos or binaries. Registering to RHN is
>>>> >>free and you account is valid for 30 days.

This is *OLD*.  Red Hat does have a 30-day evaluation program for
Enterprise Linux but it's important to note that Fedora and RHEL are two
different distributions with vastly different support and distribution

>>>>> >>>Regarding and
>>>>> >>>you click on "os" there are only packages for debuginfos and the
>>>>> >>> isos, no binaries, no possibilty to create one of the
>>>>> >>>RHEL OS CDs  :)

You can't create a RHEL OS CD (trademarks, etc.) but you *can* create
something that's fairly close and many distributors do that.  See this
web site for details:
I personally run Tao Linux which is close enough for my home work.  At
the office, we use real RHEL subscriptions.

I wanted to write an article on the RHEL rebuilds for Red Hat Magazine but
Red Hat's legal department said no.   :-(

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