Gettext depending on libgcj

Mark Syms mark at
Wed Jan 4 18:11:51 GMT 2006

Why is gettext in Dapper depending on libgcj? As far as I can tell there
are no Java components in gettext and I really don't want to have any of
the gcj components installed on my system, particularly as I have the
Sun development kit installed. The Debian package doesn't have this
dependency so why has it been added? If there are Java components that I
missed then these should be in a separate package that is only installed
if required.

And yes I know dapper is in development before I get flamed, but if
nobody uses it there are no meaningful bugs reported. If this is not the
intended dependencies for this package I'll raise a bug but I wanted to
check that it was not a result of somebodies grand plan.

Particularly ironic is that java-package depends on debhelper which
depends on po-debconf which depends on gettext. So to create the
installation package for the Sun Java distribution you need to install
at least some of gcj :(


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