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Chris Jones cmsj at
Wed Jan 4 09:59:13 GMT 2006


On 4:41:04 am 04/01/2006 Lakin Wecker <lakin.wecker at> wrote:
> editURLs.  In this case, arguing about it solves nothing.  One ofus
> will eventually have to use two clicks to do what we want. :)

Not at all. You don't need to double click to select the entire URL really,
place your cursor over the start of the address, click-and-hold and drag
the mouse vertically down. As with all GTK text entry widgets this will
select all text starting from where the mouse is until the end of the text
Or, if you can only see the end of a very long URL, click-and-hold at the
end of the address and drag the mouse up.

Simple and it doesn't involve adopting the deeply wrong Windows firefox URL
clicking behaviour :)

Chris Jones
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