Firefox URL Bar

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Wed Jan 4 04:50:52 GMT 2006

Lakin Wecker wrote:
> You misunderstand me.  I meant this to be an option for those of us who use
> the PRIMARY clipboard by selecting text and then middle-clicking to place it
> where we want.  I meant that middle clicking would replace the current URL
> with the text from the PRIMARY clipboard.

Which, as was pointed out, makes it impossible to INSERT extra text, now
you can only replace.  Say my URL bar has
"" in it, and I want to add
"?sessid=[Really_long_ID_in_my_clipboard]" to the end of it, I now
can't, since clicking on the bar selected it all and overwrote my
primary clipboard.

Yes, this could probably be worked around by shortcircuiting how the bar
works entirely, and barring it from ever copying its contents to the
primary paste buffer, but eww.  Then you couldn't copy from it.  No
matter how you try to solve this, you lose some classic functionality
that some of us expect, just to have the Windows behaviour.

As has been pointed out, clicking the icon to the left of the URL
selects the whole thing.  Is this really not good enough?

... Adam

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