Diveintopython package - non-discoverable?

Simon Gerber nequeo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 00:02:48 GMT 2006

> e) Start the online help, click on Applications->Programming->Dive
> Into Python   :)

I think it speaks volumes that I can use Ubuntu for close to a year
and not notice that :)
Windows users are used to having most applications bundle a 'help'
link next to the program icon on the Start menu, and Unix/Linux users
like myself are used to 'man' or 'info'. I can't speak for Mac.

I don't think it's reasonable to consider 'e' as discoverable. On a
standard Ubuntu installation, I don't believe there's even a
'Programming' Applications submenu. So there's no reason to expect
you'd find a book on python programming in 'help' of all places. Or

(And off-topic, I think 'yelp' has a long way to go before it's really
useable as a 'help' program. It really needs to be
indexable/searchable, much like, I'm sorry to say, Microsoft's CHM
stuff. Perhaps that's why one of the first things I do on a fresh
ubuntu install is delete the 'help' launcher. I believe in Dapper
they're not even putting it there to begin with).

Now that you've pointed it out, there actually seems to be some useful
things stuffed in there. There are also some useless things in there,
like 'GStreamer Properties', which it tells us is under
Applications--->Preferences--->Gstreamer properties. No such thing on
my standard Breezy install!

In any case, I still think we should either ditch the package
entirely, or at least provide a link to that 'help' section under the
Applications-->Programming menu.


Seen in the release notes for ACPI-support 0.34:

'The "I do not wish to discuss it" release
  * Add workaround for prodding fans back into life on resume
  * Add sick evil code for doing sick evil things to sick evil

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