Diveintopython package - non-discoverable?

JanC janc13 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 22:50:27 GMT 2006

On 1/3/06, Simon Gerber <nequeo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been testing Dapper, and noticed that the 'diveintopython'
> package is still installed by default. I'm a little curious as to the
> reasoning behind this. With so much effort going into usability,
> simplying the interface, making things discoverable, and hiding away
> options that 'Joe User' won't actually use, it's odd that this package
> is just well, sitting there.
> I do understand that Ubuntu wants to be Python friendly, and I quite
> like Python myself. But there is no indication the package is there at
> all. A perfectly good 347986 bytes will go to waste unless:
> a) You happen to be a python programmer
> and
> b) You happen to be paying particular attention during installation,
> and notice it is being installed
> or
> c) You search for python packages and notice it is already installed
> or
> d) You are in the habit of reading everything in /usr/share/doc/

e) Start the online help, click on Applications->Programming->Dive
Into Python   :)

Which is better than all the above...


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