regarding network configuration(wireless) and default pacakges.

Florian Zeitz Florian.Zeitz at
Tue Jan 3 19:50:26 GMT 2006

Matthew Nicholson schrieb:
> dear -devel team/list members,
> after reading and replying to Bart Vullings post about his wifigui
> application, i got thinking about a few things regarding  laptops and
> dapper/dapper+1 and wireless.
> recently i believe Suse made network-manager its default for managing
> network connections, which, in my opinion is a great move. this is the
> first piece of software that has made networking a laptop completely
> pain free and very user friendly/windows-esc. if i'm "jacked-in" it
> knows it and deals with it. if i'm wireless, its knows it and connects
> as needed. i love it. what would be stopping this application, or,
> something like it, from becoming a default installed package? having
> something like this installed by default would be a great leap forwards
> for laptop users, in my opinion. 

If I understood you correctly you just suggested an already existing

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