Diveintopython package - non-discoverable?

Simon Gerber nequeo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 11:23:44 GMT 2006

Greetings, Ubuntu devs, and curious lurkers (like myself).

I've been testing Dapper, and noticed that the 'diveintopython'
package is still installed by default. I'm a little curious as to the
reasoning behind this. With so much effort going into usability,
simplying the interface, making things discoverable, and hiding away
options that 'Joe User' won't actually use, it's odd that this package
is just well, sitting there.

I do understand that Ubuntu wants to be Python friendly, and I quite
like Python myself. But there is no indication the package is there at
all. A perfectly good 347986 bytes will go to waste unless:

a) You happen to be a python programmer


b) You happen to be paying particular attention during installation,
and notice it is being installed


c) You search for python packages and notice it is already installed


d) You are in the habit of reading everything in /usr/share/doc/

If this package is going to be kept, perhaps at least we could at
least ship firefox with a bookmark pointing to the local file?

But on the other hand, if we're going to all the effort of putting in
a hyperlink, why not link to http://diveintopython.org/ in the first
place, and save that space for ndiswrapper, or another hardware
driver, or something else useful?

Just a thought...

Simon Gerber

Seen in the release notes for ACPI-support 0.34:

'The "I do not wish to discuss it" release
  * Add workaround for prodding fans back into life on resume
  * Add sick evil code for doing sick evil things to sick evil

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