powerpc laptop issues

Daniel Stone daniel.stone at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 3 07:17:21 GMT 2006

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 10:52:52PM -0800, Albert wrote:
> Kubuntu 5.10 on a PowerBook 3.5 1GHz 512 MB RAM, CD-RW/DVD-R
> Following a suggestion from Jonathan Riddell, I'm posting these requests here:
> - updatedb: when my laptop is on battery, the last thing I want is for its 
> energy to be spent unwisely. Running the cron job for the updatedb, which 
> runs for several minutes consuming lots of chip resources, is a very poor 
> choice. I have no clue as to whether one can make the updatedb process run if 
> and only if the laptop is not on battery. The pbbuttons daemon should be 
> queried for such information.
> - airport wireless card: every time the computer wakes up, the airport is 
> powered up, or so does a screen message claim. This is not desirable, at 
> least for battery energy preservation, and further for security issues. If 
> the airport card was not up when I put the computer to sleep, so it should 
> remain when I wake it up. Having to run 'sudo iwconfig eth1 power off' every 
> time is not very practical.
> - kwifimanager: it does not work, nor it did not work at all in Hoary. What is 
> the best replacement, other than manually configuring files under /etc/ ?

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