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On Mon, 02.01.06, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini <evandrofg at ig.com.br> wrote:

Hi Evandro and List.


> I think your concerns about focusing on one thing are the secondary
> issue here. It seems to me that your experience with Breezy wasn't very
> good and that it was actually a regression over Hoary. 

Yes, right.

> I don't think that projects like Edubuntu and Kubuntu "steal" resources
> from Ubuntu, on the contrary. 
> The people working on Kubuntu would probably not use Ubuntu anyway,
> because they prefer KDE. So by having a good Kubuntu release more users
> and developers will be interested in it, generating a lot of feedback
> and contributions that will also help Ubuntu, as they share the same
> base. If there was no Kubuntu these people might be using other systems
> (KDE-centered systems).  For example, if someone reports a problem when
> trying to install Kubuntu on a laptop the bug might get fixed in the
> next version, and the fix will apply also to Ubuntu users. 
> Similar thing happens with Edubuntu.

Sure, partially right, but only partially. Since I only know of ben who is
doing kernel stuff I take this - although I didn't intend to focus *that*
much on the kernel part. He is one of the 20. And if he has to work on
kernel-server part he can't look into where the kernel could boot faster. Or
gnome start faster. Or use less memory. And so, if he fixes some memory leak
in kde, the same thing. So, like I suggested, focus first on gnome and let
the kde distros focus on that and then both mature. 
I don't have the numbers handy, but I think that there were far fewer
packages "supported" in warty than in hoary than in breezy. The package/head
ratio simply got worse. That is my main concern.

> My opinion is that any possible regressions in Breezy are not really
> caused by other Ubuntu-related projects. I think a more interesting
> question for your concern (rather than the stuff being discussed now)
> is: are other people noticing too many regressions from Hoary to
> Breezy? 

Good question. Very good question. But we are here in the development list,
we should really look more in the user list. Haven't done that though.

> Sorry if I misunderstood your concerns, I'm just trying to help. :) 

No, your points are valid and your help appreciated!

> Cheers,
> Evandro
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