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Loïc Martin lomartin3 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 22:20:31 GMT 2006

Matt Zimmerman a écrit :

>>I even think I see and experience the problem already: breezy has exploded in
>>my face on 5 machines. My laptop didn't work too well after the upgrade so I
>>reinstalled - to also test how the installer worked (I *hate* reinstalling).
>>After that, hibernation works only strange, if at all, and my wireless mouse
>>doesn't work at plugin-time, I have to modprobe (-r) stuff to get it working.
>>My machine at work can't log in with gdm or xdm, I have to use kdm. This is
>>also after a normal upgrade. My main machine also didn't survive the upgrade
>>too well so I reinstalled but that didn't help much. Burning software (like
>>nautilus and gnomebaker) worked very bad so I thought, what the heck, let's
>>try dapper on my main machine.
>The best approach to this type of problem is to attempt to debug it and
>report your findings as a bug.  Sometimes when encountering a problem,
>frustration leads to the temptation to blame the problem on abstract goals,
>when in reality these are usually straightforward technical problems.
>Especially when it comes to hardware support, the ONLY feasible way for
>regressions to be found is through community participation in
>testing well BEFORE the final release.  By the time an Ubuntu release is
>official, it's usually too late to fix such problems.

Sorry, but as an example scim bugs were reported about 2 weeks (at 
least, but don't take my word for it) before Breezy was due but these 
bug reports were ignored due to lack of time and lack of manpower, 
leaving Joe users like me with a load of headaches you can hardly imagine.

I've been following this discussion and it's the second time somebody 
just relies on the old "why don't/didn't you fill a bug report? We can 
do nothing else if you don't fill bug reports"(try to imagine your mum 
sweet voice saying these words and you'll get my view of things)

Well, bug reports *were* filled, and the problem *was* known by 
developers who also *knew* the pain this would cause to other human 
being. Just saying that no developer is used to foreign languages input 
methods or that there's a lack of man power is going along quite well 
with Udo's point.

Before you jump on the "excuse", yes scim didn't belong in main, but 
we're still talking about Breezy packages, aren't we? On a distribution 
that is done for *everybody* (especialy when everybody is white, and 
speaking English)?

Be assured I still haven't decided to replace Breezy by Sarge, which 
goes long to say I do appreciate and respect the hard work done on 
Ubuntu. But please, as long as we keep hearing "Why don't you fill a bug 
report" or "Sorry, but we don't have time/manpower to solve it atm but 
are still going to release it" like we still hear about Breezy (btw, 
when is it going to be *admitted* that Breezy didn't ship with the 
quality level we had in Hoary?), we're going to have a hard time 
trusting things are going to be different with Dapper. Which was, as far 
as I understood, Udo's concern.

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