Livecd from ram

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Mon Jan 2 10:40:22 GMT 2006

* Phillip Susi 

| The initramfs on the livecd could first probe for a linux swap
| partition, and if not found, then check all fat and ntfs partitions
| for a windows pagefile.  Even if it is on an ntfs partition, you can
| still get the block list that the existing file lives in and bypass
| the filesystem to swap to the pagefile.  You would need to skip the
| windows pagefile header, but the rest of the file could be turned into
| linux swap space.  This could be done with a small utility to get the
| block list and set up a kernel device mapper device mapping the
| pagefile, then mkswap and swapon that dm device.

We already reuse any swap partitions we find.  (I'm not going to make
it look at windows swap files, that's far too dangerous and prone to
overwrite a suspended image, for instance.)  Also, I think just
letting the kernel cache what it can makes a lot more sense than
trying to outsmart it.

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