Gnome Screensaver issues?

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Feb 27 08:27:37 GMT 2006

Am Montag, den 27.02.2006, 02:12 -0600 schrieb Diamond Software:
> > could you please stop the thread in the current form - there was a
> > complete loss of arguments in here.
> I brought this up here because it was a hot topic in the forums, and  
> it was suggested that if real change was to be effected prior to UI  
> freeze, it should be raised on this list. If this issue should move  
> elsewhere to have a chance of correcting this mistake, then please  
> tell me where to take it.

I appreciate that and in my opinion ubuntu-devel at or
ubuntu-desktop at is a reasonable place for that. I said
to stop the thread in the 'current form' which was mostly ranting and
pointers to Ximian which were not appropriate at all.

> None of these "under-the-hood" improvements change the fact that:
> - It will cause problems with many existing apps (as previously  
> discussed)

If you want us to discuss to step back to xscreensaver, it might help to
refer to the bug reports of the broken apps and those should be filed
and not discussed on the mailing list.

> - It will break numerous screensavers (which is sort of its whole  
> reason for existence)

The breakage of some screensavers has to be weighed up against the
infrastructural changes and if screen-savers don't work, we maybe should
try to change defaults or not enable them for gnome-screensaver.

> - Depending on a hard-coded "Pictures" folder causes localization  
> issues, which goes against the whole Ubuntu philosophy

You could try to file an upstream bug report (if it's not filed yet),
which is more productive in getting it solved than considering stepping
back to xscreensaver.

> It's an arrogant  
> position that is otherwise marring what is a great technical  
> improvement. The argument boils down to "users shouldn't want to do  
> that", which is a fundamentally incorrect way of looking at UI, and  
> especially sad to see come from the Gnome group.

I can't recall having read that and if somebody said it, it would make
more sense to talk to that person in a calm way than ranting about

Have a nice day,

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