Gnome Screensaver issues?

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Mon Feb 27 07:59:50 GMT 2006

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Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Hello,
> Am Sonntag, den 26.02.2006, 20:53 -0500 schrieb Miles Lane:
>> This would be an appropriate wake up call for a stonewalling maintainer.
>> Perhaps this maintainer only listens to some Ximian boss and business
>> plan?  Users can be such an nuisance, can't they?
> could you please stop the thread in the current form - there was a
> complete loss of arguments in here.
> Additionally could you try to consider other arguments for the use of
> gnome-screensaver as well and not just "I can't configure my
> screensaver"?
>       * gnome-screensaver is tightly integrated with
>         gnome-power-manager, which enables us to do stuff like locking
>         after opening the lid again.
>       * gnome-screensaver uses dbus and can therefore receive messages
>         from video players and other goodness.
>       * gnome-screensaver is the first attempt to integrate the
>         screensaver more directly into the desktop.
> I'm sure the gnome-screensaver maintainer could add even more facts to
> the list. In contrast to the amount of good things the screensaver
> brings, the (at least in my eyes) unlikely use case of "configure my
> screensavers" is not that important.
> Have a nice day,
>  Daniel
I dont know what has been said previously on this thread, but reading
the topic really relates to what's been going on with my Dapper system
the last couple months.  Regardless of whether gnome-power-manager and
gnome-screensaver are set not to display a screensaver, my screen goes
blank like it was enabled.

I think it would be better for users if, instead of having multiple
programs controlling this, maybe we could integrate both the features
of gnome-power-manager, gnome-screensaver, etc. into one application.
This way users wont have to hunt down the program that has their
screensaver enabled after disabling it in gnome-screensaver.  At least
with the xscreensaver route, when you turn it off, its off.
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