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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Sun Feb 26 17:27:46 GMT 2006

Hi Tollef!

Tollef Fog Heen [2006-02-20 17:36 +0100]:
> | > What layout and language do you use?
> |
> | Language: English
> | Keymap: German
> I think assuming that people who have a German keyboard would also
> like their computer to speak German to them is sane, so you should
> just choose «German» from the language list.  (Or press F5 two times
> and then select your keyboard layout.)

This might be true for a majority of users, but I think there is a
considerable number of people where this isn't the case: In university
environments, when going to foreign countries, sharing a computer with
others, programmers preferring US layout, etc. Often you need to cope
with the keyboard that's present, but you can always switch to the
language you prefer.

Thus, matching the keyboard as a default selection is a very good
thing, but it should still be selectable.



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