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Travis Watkins wrote:
> On 2/22/06, Danilo Šegan <danilo at> wrote:
>> But, judgding from the list John posted, it seems as if the most
>> interesting things for that (gtk+, libglade, at-spi bindings) are not
>> included?
> He posted the things nothing depends on, I know at least g-a-i and
> alacarte depend on python-gtk2 and python-glade2 and are installed by
> default so those wouldn't be in his list.

Correct.  I was not interested in removing ALL of python; this isn't a
crusade against python.  My problem is that Ubuntu brings with it a load
of extra libraries and bindings without touting right up front that
these come standard; and that this is out of scope for providing a
"desktop" environment, and only amounts to more excess fluff.  The only
allusion to this on the main site is that ONE little FAQ entry buried in
a HUGE FAQ page; I only found it by searching the site for 'python' and
then searching the page for 'python'.

It also seems to be in "under the hood" on the 5.10 release
announcement; but so is "GCC 4.0.1," but gcc and loads of *-dev packages
as well as build-essentials don't come standard in ubuntu-desktop.  This
leads me to read "Python 2.4.2" being "under the hood" as meaning that
the parts of Ubuntu using Python are using Python 2.4.2, NOT that
there's a load of excess Python packages strewn around.

as for the FAQ page:

Scroll down to support and there are TWO "Development Tools" headings.
The first reads:

  Development tools

  What is the simplest way to install the development tools so that I
  can compile programs?

  sudo aptitude install build-essential

  Development tools are included on the CD, and so do not need to be

After this, there are 7 more headings, then another one:

  Development tools

  How can I install software development tools?

  A default Ubuntu desktop installation includes a full-featured Python
  development environment, so if you want to develop in Python, you
  should already have everything you need.

  If you want to develop in C or C++, install the build-essential
  package. The choice to exclude C/C++ development tools from the
  default desktop install was an explicit one. The discussion is
  archived here:

I have decided not to comment on how this could be read into; I'm not a
conspiracy theorist.

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