(missing) junk filtering in evolution

Stefan Glasenhardt glasen at web.de
Fri Feb 24 18:11:25 GMT 2006

Am Freitag, den 24.02.2006, 18:34 +0100 schrieb Duncan Lithgow:
> Sorry if I'm just adding noise - I've just been reading up about the
> problems of getting useful spam filtering working in ubuntu with
> evolution.
> I can't find any mention (wiki.ubuntu.ocm/DapperGoals) that it's a
> priority for Dapper, is it?
> Based on the fact that evolution is the default I've spent a while
> switching all my stuff over from thunderbird. Now I can see why it
> wasn't filtering my spam at all.
> So what's the status?
> Bug reports:
> https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/24806/
> http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6989

Hi there,

Since the last version of evolution, there is a spam-plugin for
bogofilter. The only things you have to do is install bogofilter, turn
of the spamassassin-plugin in evolution (only one plugin can be loaded)
and initialize bogofilter with a non-spam-mailing-archive :

bogofilter -n < ~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox

Inbox should not contain any spam, only ham (The trash and the
spam-folder should be cleaned).
After this step you can normally use evolution and select spam and

Spam-assassin and the evolution-plugins is, in my opinion, absolutely
useless for a normal desktop-user (you have to do to many things, to get
it working). The bogofilter-plugin on the other hand, is working
flawlessly for me since weeks, only the first step is not very

So my question is : What it be not better, to completely turn-off the
spam-assassin-plugin at compile-time and only select the
The first initializing of bogofilter could be avoided, if there would be
a dummy wordlist.db with only one ham-message (e.g. welcome to ubuntu).

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