friendly comment: design problem about logout

Manu Cornet lmanul at
Fri Feb 24 13:01:35 GMT 2006

Hi !

Just to be clear about that, I'm not the one who decides where to put
this login item (in the panel, in the menu, or both) at all :) In fact I
would recommend keeping it under "System".

I was just informing you of the possible future. And I was answering an
email that was precisely raising the fact that the set of logout actions
appeared in several places.

> Don't worry, people will still see your work without
> unnecessary panel item.

Don't worry, the number of people seeing my work is really none of my
concern :) I just hope I'm doing useful stuff for the community. (And if
I was concerned about that kind of "popularity", I would be fairly
satisfied, since people open the "Add to panel" dialog pretty often, and
I also made that one) :)


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