How contribute with a patch

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Fri Feb 24 10:33:00 GMT 2006

Do as Dennis said, then attach the debdiff you generated to the bug report on 
malone and assign the bug to the motu-reviewers team (if it's a package in 
universe/multiverse) or to ubuntu-dev (if it's a package in main/restricted).


Le Vendredi 24 Février 2006 10:01, VETSEL Patrice a écrit :
> I'v made some researches but i can't found any informations.
> I want to help ubuntu team by creating a patch to a package (2 in facts ;)
> ) Reporting a bug i want to help developper by give him a patch to his
> package (because i know the solution).
> I do :
> apt-get build-dep package
> apt-get source package
> cd package
> I make my modifications in sources files.
> What are the commands i must invoke to finish the process  ?
> What do i send as attachment in reporting bug in launchpad ?
> I must precise that i do not have gpg key.
> Regards

raphink at
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