Gnome help reader vs firefox to view html? Man pages, info, other documentation?

Karl Hegbloom hegbloom at
Fri Feb 24 06:09:08 GMT 2006

I really don't like the Gnome help browser (Breezy;5.10) it's lazy and
cheap and it's missing important features that would make it a lot more
useful.  Devhelp has a much better interface.  Can it talk with Beagle?
Or is that secret information that nobody ever posts to these mailing

It seems to me that somebody who is up to the challenge should write a
really nice AJAX driven help browser application for Firefox that can
serve as a replacement for the Gnome help browser, and perhaps that of
other OSS Desktop Environments as well.

With AJAX and XUL, I imagine that it can talk to the server side and
thus facilitate the underworkings of search and browse capabilities with
retrieval keys based on Dublin Core as well as some intelligent
full-text search.

SchoolTool has a great look and feel for a web application, by the way.

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom at>

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