Networking messed up in Dapper

Nicolas Kassis nic.kassis at
Thu Feb 23 04:18:31 GMT 2006

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Tristan Wibberley wrote:
> Hi,
> Before I report a bug I want to ensure this is not just due to old
configuration from when this was a Breezy machine - I've asked on
ubuntu-users, but there is no answer and I don't want to report a
"NOTABUG". A couple of days ago aptitude found a new version of
network-manager, immediately after the upgrade, it had changed my IP
address. Since then, upon booting, my IP address is no longer the one
configured in /etc/network/interfaces, but is some strange address. Sometimes after I change the IP address to what
it should be via ifconfig, it gets changed back again - even though it
is configured with a static address. There seems to be a dhclient3
running erroneously - if I kill it, my IP address lasts longer.
> Is this a bug, or just a configuration error?
Related to networking being messed up in dapper, I reported a bug I have
been experiencing bug 32570. My two prism54 cards (one internal and the
other pcmcia) receive the same eth0 name and cause a clash. Anyone else
has this issue ?

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