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Vincent Untz vuntz at
Thu Feb 23 08:22:20 GMT 2006

Le jeudi 23 février 2006 à 04:50 +0100, Vincent Trouilliez a écrit :
> I have a very eclectic/heterogeneous collection of videos... most of
> them exhibit problems with gstreamer, when they play at all that is.
> Today I installed every gst0.10 plug-in I found in universe/multiverse
> and was amazed (pleased) to see that it can now open some of my MOV,
> AVI, WMV and RM files, but with big playback and seeking issues most of
> the time.
> Are you asking to file bugs against the default gstreamer plug-in only,
> or any gst0.10 plug-in ? If the latter, I am willing to file a few bug
> reports, if upstream is really interested in investigating the problems
> and fixing them, and it's not just filing bugs reports that will just
> sit there... 
> But can you please tell me how to proceed ? I mean, how can the devs
> reproduce/investigate the problems if they don't have the actual video
> file to see for themselves ?
(Look for GStreamer)

In short: open a bug in GNOME bugzilla and put your video somewhere
online so that the GStreamer people can reproduce the bug. If you can
not put the video online, then the bug is nearly useless...


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